SpacePod is a truly unique action-strategy space game, created from scratch by David McGrath and Bill Purvis in 2003.

Now SpacePod will finally get a new and fully tuned game mechanic, improved graphics, and a clear battle UI (with live ship construction feedback).

We invite you to download and play our classic version as a prototype for what will be a fully re-skinned, re-tuned, finely-crafted product.

Game History

David McGrath, an art director, and Bill Purvis, a game programmer, quit their day jobs to focus on their after-work project: SpacePod. After a year of work the game was ready. Back in 2003, a full-3D project by two people was pretty rare. The game world was eager to play, and downloaded the demo by the tens of thousands (top demo download on GameSpy).

SpacePod won an indy game award, got featured at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, and was generally well received. But sadly, Bill lost his long-term battle with depression and died by suicide soon after we finished version 1.0. The game then stalled for many years.

David has considered a re-launch since then but never had the resources that Project Greenlight can provide. Teamed-up with a great constellation of code and art help, the stars are now aligned for a proper re-build of the game.


07/18/03 – Original Demo available for download.

08/11/03 – Full version available for on-line purchase.

2/09/04 – SpacePod is chosen as a finalist for DIY Games’ Game of the Year Awards (, in two categories: Multiplayer Game of the Year and Best Graphics!

09/04/03 – SpacePod featured at San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art’s Thursday Night Thing (TNT).

2011 – Relaunch attempted

2014 – Re-relaunch pondered…

2016 – Relaunch Greenlight project started on Steam